Haiku for Coffee Lovers David Ash

ISBN: 9780979399343

Published: January 1st 2007


102 pages


Haiku for Coffee Lovers  by  David  Ash

Haiku for Coffee Lovers by David Ash
January 1st 2007 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 102 pages | ISBN: 9780979399343 | 9.28 Mb

Witty, insightful, inspiring, and sometimes just plain weird, Haiku for Coffee Lovers is the perfect book for the friendly barista or addicted afficianado in your life. One hundred seventeen-syllable gifts plus room to add a few of your own! If youre looking for modern literary haiku with a kigo (season word), a kireji (cutting word), and objective sensory imagery, all carefully crafted in fewer than 17 syllables, your shopping cart is in the wrong aisle. You might not call this haiku, or senryu, or even poetry.

This is more pseudo-haiku, plain old 5-7-5 with more puns than punditry and wisecracks than wisdom! DAVID ASH learned his first haiku in sixth grade. It began with the word hototogisu (cookoo), and he felt an instant connection. He should also have been learning about spelling, grammar and punctuation, but he thought haiku gave him a loophole.

By the time he got a degree in English from Georgetown University, studying 20th Century poets like e. e. cummings, it was a wonder he got a job as a secretary. He eventually realized that no one could check your spelling when you sang what you wrote. Three albums, years of church choir directing and a Masters in liturgical music from Santa Clara University followed. David finally figured out that his wife, son, family and friends seemed a lot happier when he would use no more than a dozen words at a time.

So he regressed to his sixth grade roots. David doesnt seem worried that his first haiku is being published at an age when Matsuo Basho was writing his last. Bashos inspiration is still there and haiku is about the journey.

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