Zierath: Lord of the Alliance M David Loyal

ISBN: 9780595696222

Published: September 26th 2012


284 pages


Zierath: Lord of the Alliance  by  M David Loyal

Zierath: Lord of the Alliance by M David Loyal
September 26th 2012 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 284 pages | ISBN: 9780595696222 | 9.43 Mb

Welcome to the Achar, a huge rotating mobius strip encircling a yellow sun. The Achar is home to hundreds of sentient races, bizarre monsters, thousands of countries, and the Imrhys, a race of immortal humans with great magical abilities who believe it is their responsibility to save the world.More than three thousand years have passed since the last great Gnarrhys War, but Lord Zierath and his fellow Imrhys still remember it. More than half of all the sentients on the Achar died in that war. Now, rumors of a darkness forming off in the west set Zierath out on a quest to gather allies, armies, and information before the darkness envelops them all.

Of course, the first trick is to get out of the tedious administrative duties of ruling a large confederation of countries. Zieraths solution is simple. Sneak out of the castle, city, and country before the regent can stop him. However, if the regent can see into the future, things can get complicated very quickly.

Enter the sum

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